Why International Women’s Day ISN’T Celebrated in Mexico

Seeking perspective about gender equality around the world

The 9M Movement

Just in case you don’t know yet, let me give you a little more context on what’s happening in Mexico these days, apart from the evident injustice and chaos.


I can’t say that “everything” started in 2020, but it’s been the year when more women started to join forces in Mexico. What for?

We are tired of living with fear; of having to say goodbye to friends, mothers, and daughters, knowing that their last days were most likely the most terrifying that a human being can ever imagine.

The main strikes took place in front of important monuments and places in the center of Mexico City. These included Zócalo, Reforma, and Monumento a la Revolución.

I don’t think there’s a right answer. Just opinions


It’s also hard to acknowledge that it all could’ve been for nothing. 2,240 women were murdered just in the first seven months of 2020.

Feminism Context

The first feminist movement in the world that we know of, is born in Europe for the French Revolution. In 1791 we have the first Declaration on the Rights of Women and Citizens, which was supposed to give women equality in human rights, which included the right to vote.

Murders and rapes

According to INEGI, the organization in charge of every stats in Mexico that you can think of, 66.1% of women in 2016 (older than 18 years old) suffered from some type of physical, verbal, or psychological violence.

From MY perspective, walls don’t suffer. Humans do. She was Fatima: kidnapped, murdered, and found after some time, quartered.

In the workplace

I really want to make clear again that I don’t want to speak for the millions of women in my country. I’m just trying to expand the perspective for people living in other (likely more developed) countries.

Men are 88x more likely to get to an executive position

Why is this? Good question. Research I’ve been doing with other friends shows that the main problem is really attached to our culture, or just how both men and women behave in Mexico.

  • 43% of Mexicans believe that it causes problems in the home if women earn more than their husbands
  • 17% think that when jobs are scarce, men have a greater right to work

Last thoughts

When evaluating whether something is right or wrong, I like to use the framework that I learned from Yuval Noah Harari, the historian and writer:

Moral means having a deep understanding of suffering. If something causes suffering to a conscious being, it’s wrong.

I think that both violence against women, and the results of the 8M protest can be easily evaluated this way. Are there better ways to speak up though? I’d say: of course there are! Are there better effective ways to make a change? I’m not sure about that.

Despite everything, congratulations to women out there who are killing it. Not because they’re women, just because they’re them. Check out tks.world for an amazing community of teens making an impact!

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