Things I’ve noticed lately

Life’s a game

The Great Online Game

I could honestly spend hours talking about this single topic. Its meaning I’d already noticed, its name I learned it in this article. If I’m a good communicator, you will go back to this sentence and understand that I’m playing that game right now.




Becoming a biotech developer

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Life Is A Gift

I’m So F*cking Tired of Being A People-Pleaser

Today is Lost Sock Day.

Today is Lost Sock Day. Sounds like a random thing, and you could approach it that way. I invite you to consider this as a writing prompt. One of my clients who is a small business owner and real estate entrepreneur, wrote a great blog comparing random ideas to pursue in business with how you react to the dilemma of lost socks. What if you celebrated wearing mismatched socks as having an independent spirit? Or, what if you tucked the single sock into the drawer and patiently waited for the mate to show up clinging to another article of clothing? I'm a firm believer that

Positive Reflection

Forget Self-love. Let’s Try Self-like.

3 Curiously Charismatic Qualities of the World’s Most Popular Introvert: Keanu Reeves

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Sofia Sanchez

Sofia Sanchez

Becoming a biotech developer

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