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Sofia Sanchez


  • Vladislav Dekhanov

    Vladislav Dekhanov

    Web-developer at Yandex.Money. Obsessed on frontend and new web technologies

  • Faith Inello

    Faith Inello

    Innovator at The Knowledge Society. My ambition in life is to mitigate the symptoms of neurological conditions through research in exponential technologies!

  • Alexandro Rios Salinas

    Alexandro Rios Salinas

    *Joven científico, estudiante de medicina y bioquímica de la Universidad San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca 🧬🧑‍⚕️ *From Bolivia *I feed myself with ideas

  • Acanthodasha


  • Ajasso


  • Angélica Hernández

    Angélica Hernández

  • Nensi Ahmetbeja

    Nensi Ahmetbeja

  • Sweaty Investing

    Sweaty Investing

    I Blog about Finance Investing &Life — Designed for people willing to sweat a little more to earn a little bit more!

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