Biohacking is not a crime

An interview with Josiah Zayner

This is the article to learn more about biohacking, and Josiah Zayner is the person to ask.

Josiah’s journey

From computer science to life sciences

Starting The Odin

Getting investment for a biotech company

even if The Odin wasn’t going to make any money, this is going to be talked about and written about.

The Odin’s CRISPR kit in a museum. Pic credits to Josiah’s IG

Build something beautiful

Documentary about Josiah’s gut microbiome project

Is medicine still primitive?

People’s reaction to a DIY corona vaccine

The Biohacking CDC

The biohacker’s mindset

Culturing chicken cells

Josiah culturing chicken cells

Making biohacking mainstream

The biohacking CDC got a shoutout in Walter Isaacson’s book “The Code Breaker”

What we need to invest more on

For any sort of technological revolution, it’s the fundamentals that have to be in place so that the technology is extremely useful to everybody.

Reverse-engineer DNA

Ideas are bullshit

The future of biotech

Ambitious teenager building innovative projects with Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence

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