Sofia Sanchez

Look at your surroundings: your table, your clothes, your food, yourself, and other living creatures. What if we didn’t exploit natural resources to obtain them? What if that was profitable too? What if we could grow anything?

Inspired by Ginkgo Bioworks, I would say that this is one of the…

Blockchain is the tool to build a new era of the internet, the economy, and how we exchange information. Bitcoin was just the start. We can really leverage this technology to solve the world’s biggest problems.

How does it actually work?

Let’s not overcomplicate things. Blockchain is, indeed, a chain of digital blocks. …

⛰️ Maslow

It’s easy to sing “all you need is love” when you’re at Maslow’s fourth floor. Before understanding his pyramid of needs, I didn’t know how to think about the “money and happiness” dilemma.

I think that happiness becomes a choice once you’ve covered most of your basic needs. True, I’ve…

This blog post is more interesting than this image makes it sound!

hi! This is the story of how I terribly failed twice as the leader of two iGEM teams + the most valuable lessons I gained.

Hope you enjoy the scientific method structure of this blog post and appreciate my honesty.

iGEM 1.0


Before July of 2020, I’d barely heard about synthetic biology…

IndieBio is the place where entrepreneurship meets science, founders from diverse backgrounds connect, and solutions to the world’s biggest problems come to life.

Arvind Gupta is the founder of Indiebio and Po Branson is the managing director. …

It’s funny to think that we’re still human when the 39 trillion microbial cells inhabiting our bodies right now account for more than our human cells. Even more mind-blowing is to know that our guests digest food that we can’t, help our immune system, and even communicate with our brains.

Life’s a game

The Great Online Game

I could honestly spend hours talking about this single topic. Its meaning I’d already noticed, its name I learned it in this article. If I’m a good communicator, you will go back to this sentence and understand that I’m playing that game right now.

Sofia Sanchez

Developing & communicating synthetic biology

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